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May 12, 2018

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

How to Optimize your business to be found with Google My Business

Below are step-by-step instructions to optimize your Google My Business Profile:
It is very important that you fill all business information as accurately and creatively as possible when it comes to GMB listings.
Filling out a Google My Business listing is very simple, but many people still get it wrong. Here are some things that you should really, really focus on while completing your Google My Business profile.

1. Categorization
Category - Category seems to be the top mistake that many businesses make! Not choosing a relevant category on GMB can drastically hurt the search rankings. Select the right category, the one that is closest to your business. Also, listing multiple categories is a good idea. But, make sure that you choose the most relevant category as the primary category for your business. Remember, you have a better chance of ranking for specific keywords like “organic grocery store” when compared to generic keyword terms like “groceries”.

2. Pictures
Pictures - According to Google, businesses with photos receive 35% more click-throughs to their websites and 42% more requests for driving directions than businesses that don’t have photos. However, it is not enough that you just add 4 photos for the sake of it. Since photos will also get featured in Google’s results, it is important that you showcase your identity, diversity and ambience through your photos. Make sure to add these three important photos in the right resolution - a logo, a profile photo and a cover photo. You might also consider employing a Google Trusted Photographer for an indoor street view tour of your business.

3 Ensure NAP Consistency
Ensure NAP Consistency - Filling in the right Name, Address and Phone is extremely important. Some people try to cheat the system by including keywords and area names in GMB business name field. But, that can only get you penalized! Your business name should reflect the real-world name and you must consistently use the same name across all mediums like your website, social media pages and promotions. Also, use an accurate business address and a phone number that connects to your individual business location. Use the same Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) across all directory listings.

4 Optimize Based On Insights
Optimize based on Insights - You will be able to view insights on your Google My Business dashboard. These insights will give you valuable information on how users are interacting with your Google My Business listing. For example, insights will give you information about the number of users who have clicked on your phone number from Google Maps and search results. Try to optimize your listing based on these insights - if you find more people are looking for driving directions, you can infer that your address needs more clarity!

5 Store Opening Hours

Store Opening Hours - Many customers search online to see when businesses are open. In Google My Business, you can set working hours for each of your store locations. Also, the “special hours” section in Google My Business lets you to override the business hours for specific times and dates.