Your Entire Online Presence Matters

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Building presence for your business online is no longer as simple as having a good ranking with search engines. For your business to be successful, you must have presence on multiple social media sites.

Keep in mind that social media is definitely a broad term. It really covers a great deal of websites. When comparing social media sites, you will find the most common component is the fact that you have the ability to interact with other site visitors. This interaction is what will help you get the exposure you need and help put your business in the spotlight.

Here is a list of some of the popular social networks that Sagentic can manage for your business. If you have a special request for a different network, please let us know:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

With Sagentic Web Design, you can expect to have all of your graphics be professionally designed and branded with your logo. The posts are thoughtfully written, keyword rich, and include all of the relevant hashtags to help increase your exposure in social searches. All links that are published to social media are designed to increase the traffic to YOUR website, not someone else’s blog.

Featured Benefits

Let an agency specializing in small business / non-profit websites work for you!

Is Your Website Getting It Done?

Sagentic Web Design not only develops great websites. We also develop great relationships with our clients. We understand the online marketing needs of small and medium sized businesses and organizations. We know that your entire online presence deserves more than just a freelancer or a DIY program.

Your website deserves people who actually care about your image and the user experience for your website visitors.

There are no confusing web interfaces to learn. We have an easy Content Management System (CMS) that is simple to use. Simply provide us with your information/goals, and our website designers and developers do the rest. After your website is developed, we are still there for you. We'll spend a lot of time getting your website into the search engines and business directories. We support our clients year-round


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