What type of web hosting do you offer?

Sagentic Web Design uses fully-managed dedicated servers that are custom built, secured, and optimized for fast performance. Our web servers are monitored and maintained 24/7 for optimal uptime. There are several benefits to using fully-managed dedicated servers for hosting our websites, including:

Increased Performance
Our dedicated web servers provide higher levels of performance and speed compared to shared hosting options. This is because the resources of the server are not shared with other websites, resulting in faster load times and better website performance. We update our dedicated web servers every 1-2 years to ensure we are taking advantage of any hardware upgrades that are available. This improves the speed and performance of serving up websites.

Better Security
With our dedicated web servers, we have more control over security features and can implement more robust security measures. Additionally, because the servers are dedicated solely to our websites, the risk of security breaches or hacking attacks is greatly reduced.

More Control
With our dedicated web servers, we have complete control over the server configuration and can choose the operating system, software, and hardware that best fits our needs. This provides greater flexibility and customization options compared to shared or VPS hosting solutions.

Our dedicated web servers provide the ability to easily scale your website's resources as needed, making it easier to handle sudden spikes in traffic or growth.

Our dedicated web servers are more reliable than shared hosting options because they are not subject to the same resource constraints or overloading issues that can occur with shared or VPS hosting.

Technical Support
With our fully-managed dedicated web servers, we have access to 24/7 technical support and monitoring, ensuring that any issues with our servers can be quickly resolved and minimizing downtime.

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