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Founded By Marines In 2003

Sagentic Web Design - Established in 2003Sagentic Web Design was started in 2003 by two Marines that had a passion for web design and creativity. The internet was still fairly young when we started building websites for forward-thinking small and medium size businesses. Our approach then is the same as it is now - develop quality and custom websites for clients.

Designing websites back then was anything but easy. Web browsers were pretty much terrible. Sometimes it seemed like you had to trick them into cooperating with whatever look or feature you wanted to create. Coding languages were constantly evolving and most of the time, browsers were not keeping up with the technology. Sagentic Web Design made websites work through it all.

We welcome new web design clients to visit us at our offices in downtown Cañon City, Colorado to discuss their needs or reach out by phone, email, or messenger. You'll always get an honest assessment about what you need for a successful website.

Full Service Web Design and Management

Sagentic Web Design also recognized early on that clients who pay for websites that can't keep up, will look elsewhere next time - leaving us perpetually hunting for new clients in a downward spiral of narrowing margins and diminishing expectations.

We want to build relationships with our clients. This is why we continually support our clients and become their dedicated web developer. We want their websites to evolve not only with new technology, but also with their business.

Our driving philosophy is to create a great relationship with our client. We want to know your business and your goals. We'll devise a plan to help you accomplish those goals and stay with you throughout. We don't design websites and hand them off. We want to help you effectively manage your website and so you'll have an edge over your competition.

A Reputation for Building Great Websites

Hundreds of Web Design Clients Trust Us

We give all our web design clients the attention they deserve. The best thing our clients say about Sagentic Web Design is they feel like they are getting the same service as a Fortune 500 company no matter what size they are. It's true. We give them the best the internet has to offer.

We have hundreds of web design clients and our unique, custom design process insures that each client, large or small receives the attention that they deserve. When you call our offices, we don't have to look up your account to figure out who we are talking to or why we are talking to you.

Small / Medium Business & Non-Profit Organization Web Design

Our primary focus is on service-based local business that don't have an in-house marketing team or experts to help guide them with their digital marketing efforts. Our web design agency experts will guide you through the best practices and perform much of the work for you. We have built and managed websites for clients in the following industry segments:

  • Medical and Dental Practices
  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Animal Shelters and Veterinarians
  • Plumbers and Electricians
  • Home Builders and Remodelers
  • Car Clubs and Youth Sports Organizations
  • Local and State Government
  • Fire Departments and Military Organizations
  • Masons and Concrete Specialists
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Fitness and Health
  • HVAC, Tiling, and Metal Fabrication
  • Photographers and Designers
  • Sign Shops and Vinyl Car Wrap Installers
  • Real Estate and Title Companies
  • Telecom, IT, and Internet
  • Roofers and Window Specialists
  • Landscaping and Tree Care Companies
  • Musicians and Orchestras
  • Nail and Hair Salons
  • Farms and Orchards
  • Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

We know our clients. We know what they are trying to achieve with their websites and we help them by continuing to meet and exceed their needs online.

Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

Erica Haferkamp

Creative Director

Erica Haferkamp co-founded Sagentic Web Design with her husband in 2003, leveraging her diverse experiences from her service in the US Marine Corps where she developed a deep appreciation for structure and the impact of visual representation. She holds a BBA in Marketing, which enriches her role as Creative Director, ensuring that every project not only resonates visually but also aligns perfectly with strategic marketing principles. Under her leadership, Sagentic Web Design has grown into a reputable agency known for its commitment to creating tailored, effective web solutions, particularly for service-oriented businesses in rural communities.

Erica’s expertise extends beyond web design into brand and logo design and customer relationship management, embodying a harmonious blend of creativity and analytical skills that ensure client visions are brought to life. She is deeply involved in every project at Sagentic, guiding her team to innovate while maintaining the high standards she sets for both aesthetics and functionality. Her approach has fostered long-term client relationships and a supportive team environment that thrives on mutual respect and continuous learning.

Outside of Sagentic, Erica is actively involved in her community, contributing to local arts and public service initiatives. She plays the viola for the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra and serves on the Public Art Committee, reflecting her belief in the power of art and design to transform communities. Looking ahead, Erica is focused on expanding Sagentic’s educational offerings, aiming to empower more businesses with the tools and knowledge to succeed at social media marketing in the digital age.

Kenny Haferkamp, Lead Web Developer

Kenny Haferkamp

Lead Web Developer

Kenny Haferkamp is a highly skilled and experienced web developer and marketing professional who co-founded Sagentic Web Design over two decades ago in 2003. With a strong background in both technology and marketing, Kenny is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals and succeed in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

As the Lead Web Developer for Sagentic, Kenny leverages his expertise in website design, development, and search engine optimization (SEO) to build customized, user-friendly, and highly functional websites that engage customers, generate leads, and drive sales. His attention to detail, coupled with his deep understanding of web technologies, has earned him a reputation for delivering high-quality work that exceeds clients' expectations.

In addition to his technical skills, Kenny has also honed his marketing expertise through years of experience and advanced education. He holds an MBA in Marketing and a Master's Degree in Coaching, which he leverages to help his clients get the most out of their online marketing efforts. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed, and is dedicated to coaching them on the best ways to promote themselves online through content marketing and social media.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Kenny Haferkamp is a valuable asset to Sagentic Web Design and its clients. His commitment to staying at the forefront of website design and online marketing trends, combined with his passion for helping businesses succeed, makes him a trusted partner to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

We are a full-service web design and web development company providing fully-managed websites for small businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. We'll develop, host, and maintain your website, domain name, and more so you can concentrate on running your business or organization.

Sagentic Web Design will also take care of more than just your website. Your entire online presence is just as important as your website.

We can help you use, maintain, and manage other marketing profiles for your company or organization such as Google Business Profile, Bing Places for Business, Social Media, Yelp, and more.


Sagentic Web Design is a great company to work with! We love the website they designed for our business!

Wendy P Cleburne, Texas

Erica & Kenny at Sagentic Web Design were great to work with, start to finish! We did a massive overhaul of an existing site, and I had unique needs that they worked with me on successfully meeting throughout the project. I've recommended Sagentic to multiple businesses and will continue to do so!

Becki L Cañon City, Colorado

We have been super satisfied with the incredible personalized service that Sagentic Web Design offers!

Richard T Cañon City, Colorado

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