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Sagentic Web Design has fully-managed dedicated servers that are all custom built, secured, and fully optimized for presenting your website fast and securely. Your website will be hosted on high quality, managed, linux / apache web servers with the best uptime in the industry, giving you great performance you can depend on.

Our support team is world-class and monitor and maintain our servers 24x7x365 and takes care of the technical configuration, optimization, security procedures, backups, migrations and much more for all of the websites we develop.

Our servers are fasts so you can enjoy faster page speeds and load times for your website. This is critical for your users and for appearing in Google searches. Slower websites will position lower than faster websites in the search results. We only use premium networking and premium server hardware components and our support staff are experts in this environment.

Protecting your hosted website from threats is a big part of our job - and we take it seriously, by offering free DDoS protection. Sagentic Web Design is able to provide the best web hosting experience with security, availability, performance and the dependency necessary to create our state of the art hosting platform for all our clients.

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