Google Analytics

Measuring Your Web Traffic

Google Analytics is a simple, easy-to-use, web traffic measuring tool that helps website owners measure how users interact with website content. It gives you detailed data about your website visitors and the actions they take on your site. As a user navigates between web pages, Google Analytics records the actions and the data is reported using the Google Analytics Dashboards.

At Sagentic Web Design, we'll set up Google Analytics for your website and monitor the traffic you are receiving. Often times, we'll make adjustments based on what we see. We can also go over any of the analytics with you and help you interpret the results.

You can create multiple dashboards, each of which can contain multiple widgets that show the data you want to see and how you want to see it. We can create customized reports for you that can be delivered as frequently as you would like to see them. The ways in which you can measure your traffic seem endless with Google Analytics, but our website experts can show you what will be most important to you and how you should look at it.

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