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We can help a client with their page content by making sure they have keyword-rich and location specific text for all of the pages. Your website has only seconds to capture interest and must be easy for the user to understand and use. Strong content must be developed for your products, services, and organization.*

At Sagentic Web Design, we'll take a look at any of your existing content and determine if it is optimized for local search results. There may be missed opportunities to work in key words or key phrases naturally in your text for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You may not be fully explaining your services or products because of "assumed knowledge" that many business owners have. 

We take the time to learn about your business and custom craft your content, so it's made specifically for you and your product or service. At Sagentic, we care about making your website stand out from the rest. This is why our content development specialists conduct interviews with you about your business history and products- so we can work tirelessly to make sure your website is tailor-made for YOU. Throughout the process, we keep in close contact with you to make sure we are best highlighting the services and products you offer.

Content is king! Sagentic Web Design can be your expert story teller. We can create more engaging content for your website users and get them to a call-to-action. We want your website to be more than just a place to grab your phone number. Search engines like Google value rich content that is natural flowing and informative relative to the user's query. We will research and come to understand what users are looking for and can make sure your website content is attractive to them.

* Content writing does not include data entry, product descriptions, or product catalogs. This service can be added for an additional hourly charge.

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Let an agency specializing in small business / non-profit websites work for you!

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Sagentic Web Design not only develops great websites. We also develop great relationships with our clients. We understand the online marketing needs of small and medium sized businesses and organizations. We know that your entire online presence deserves more than just a freelancer or a DIY program.

Your website deserves people who actually care about your image and the user experience for your website visitors.

There are no confusing web interfaces to learn. We have an easy Content Management System (CMS) that is simple to use. Simply provide us with your information/goals, and our website designers and developers do the rest. After your website is developed, we are still there for you. We'll spend a lot of time getting your website into the search engines and business directories. We support our clients year-round


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