Abuse of Services Offered

Right To Refuse Service

You may not use the services of Sagentic, LLC to post, publish or transmit any unlawful or objectionable information of any kind, including threats, obscenity or pornography, profanity, or, including without limitation, any activity that would constitute or encourage any criminal offense, civil liability, or violate any local, state, national or international law. You may not post or transmit viruses or any other harmful components or inhibit or restrict anyone else from using the Internet.

You may not transmit, reproduce, or in any way exploit any information, software, or other material obtained through Sagentic, LLC for commercial purposes (other than as expressly permitted by the provider of such information, software or other material). Sagentic, LLC assumes no obligation to monitor the service. However, you agree that Sagentic, LLC has the right to monitor the service and disclose any information necessary to satisfy any law, or legal government request, and to operate properly, or to protect itself or its users. Sagentic, LLC reserves the right to refuse service without notice or to remove any information at its sole discretion.

Sagentic, LLC will not tolerate abusive customers and expects all customers to respect the Terms and Conditions as set forth on the Sagentic, LLC website and the client's contract. Customers who verbally abuse employees of Sagentic, LLC or do not follow our guidelines set forth for completing projects and or communicating support requests will have services terminated immediately and without refund. Sagentic, LLC does not tolerate abusive, offensive, dangerous, language or behavior. Abusive communications in any form (email, phone, in person, etc.) are not tolerated.

Legal Matters: If at any time a client or Sagentic, LLC feels necessary to take matters or disputes to the legal system, Sagentic, LLC will immediately freeze all services, communications, and transactions with the client until the case has been decided. Sagentic is not responsible for any presumed lost profits, work stoppages, or email communications during this time.  This also applies if a client threatens or implies that they will take matters or disputes to the legal system.  Sagentic, LLC will not work for a client under threat of a lawsuit or other legal action.

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